Student Council

Leadership & learning are indispensable to each other. Education means all round development .It does not mean only literacy .Participation in democratic process leads to harmonious development of personality. As leaders in making students develops courage, sincerity of purpose, spirit of service, self-discipline and devotion of duty. Education is the process of drawing the best from human beings and nourishing the best in and through the physical & social cultural environment. In the process of formation of school student council nominees were asked to present MANIFESTO, after the preliminary rounds of interview and leadership test .Short listed candidates were asked to do speak few lines about themselves & their participation in different events and their achievements. Further screening was done at this level. All selected candidates were asked to give a 2-minute speech to the entire teaching staff outlining qualifications and goals. Elections for the student council were held separately on 10th July 2015 during lunch break. Ballots were provided.

  • Student council posts were decided by vote from individual teachers.