Sr. Secondary

Syllabus for Class XII- UT.

Poems - My Mother at Sixty Six, An Elementary School Classroom in a slum.
Fiction- Rattrap, Deep Water, Lost Spring, Memories of Childhood, Enemy
Writing task - Notice and Posters, Job application, Official letters, article and speech.
Reading - General comprehension and notemaking - Invisible Man - chapters 1 and 2.

  • Inverse Trigonometry
  • Matrices N Determinants
  • Continuity N Differentiability
  • Application Of Derivatives

Chapter-1: Reproduction in organisms
Chapter-2: Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
Chapter-3: Human reproduction
Chapter-4: Reproductive health

Chapter-1: Solid State
Chapter-2: Solutions (till colligative properties)
Chapter-3: Electrochemistry
Chapter-7 : P block gp 15
Chapter-11: Haloalkanes and haloarenes
Chapter-16: Chemistry in everyday life

UNIT:- Electrostatics
UNIT: Current Electricity

CH. 2  Demographic structure
Ch 3  continuity and change
CH 4 Market as an institution
Ch. 5 Social inequality and Exclusion

BOOK-1 FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN GEOGRAPHY                                                                                   
  1. Nature & Scope of Human Geography
  2. World’s Population Density, Distribution
  3. Population Composition
  4. Human Development
  5. Primary Activities
  6. Secondary Activities
  7. Tertiary & Quaternary Activities
  8. Transport & Communication
  9. International Trade
Map work based on above chapters

Unit-1  Introduction
Unit -2 Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand
Unit-3 Supply and Elasticity of Supply

  • Accounting for partnership firms: fundamentals
  • Valuation of goodwill
  • Accounting for partnership firms:  admission of a partner

  • Nature and significance of management
  • Principles of management
  • Business environment
  • Planning : meaning and process

  • Adolescence: Meaning, characteristics, Needs
  • Influence on identity formation
  • Specific Issues and concerns
  • Adulthood
  • Old age
  • Meal Planning
  • Diet modification
  • Food Safety and Quality

Physical Education
I     Planning in sports
II.   Adventure sports and leadership training
III   sports and Nutrition

Computer Science (Python)
Unit 1   
Chapter 1        Review of Python
Chapter 2        Concept of OOP
Chapter 3        Classes in python
Chapter 4        Inheritance

MULTIMEDIA & WEB TECHNOLOGY Unit 1: Ch 1: Revision of class XI (HTML)                  
Unit 2: Ch 3: Communication & Network Concepts  
Unit 2: Ch 4: Introduction to Open Source Software 
Unit 2: Ch 5: Multimedia Applications                      
Unit 4: Ch 14: Flash-An Introduction                          
Unit 4: Ch 15: Creating Animation                            
Unit 4: Ch 16: Publishing a Flash Movie


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