Principal's Message



Creating 21st Century Learners


We live in a technology and media-suffused environment with access to an abundance of information, rapid changes in technology tools and the ability to collaborate and make individual contributions on an unprecedented scale. To be effective in the 21st century, DPSGites must be able to create, evaluate, and  innovate This will help them effectively utilize information, media, and technology.

We are making giant strides in this direction as our students are empowered to gain information on varied issues from politics to sports and international affairs.

DPSGites have been making individual contribution to an unprecedented scale. The national award for our science project on expandable car has fallen into our kitty. BSE award on financial literacy has also been bagged by our worthy team. Besides, there are art aficionados and sports buffs who have done wonders. And there are the jewels in the crown – Our Science enthusiasts who have excelled in the competitive exams and also attended lectures by Nobel laureates.  

Awareness about media is like a badge of honor for our students and there are efforts being made to generate interest in the same through multifarious activities...

As facilitators, it our prime duty and responsibility to empower students to be effective as explorers. Incubating learners and helping them to conquer frontiers, helping them to build bridges and break barriers will go a long way to make them supremely confident. Methodologies are being devised in such a way that divergent thinking leads to convergent thinking for gaining apt knowledge.

Adaptation skills are the ones that separate students who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work environment in the 21st century and those who are not.

Several strategies like think pair share the fish bone strategy, and the increasing use of graphic organizer can indeed benefit and enrich the teaching learning process. Besides, collaborative learning has been given a shot in the arm.  Our students are encouraged to conduct research for effective root cause analysis. This helps them to develop logical reasoning and rational thinking.

Creativity and Innovation & Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are very important and efforts are being made to inculcate them in the students. As facilitators, the need of the hour is to nurture think tanks and responsible flagbearers. The school web site is updated with the reports of an array of activities both academic and co-curricular that ultimately help students to strive for excellence. So lets join hands to create and maintain a dynamic school website which mirrors the hopes, aspirations and the journey of the school along with its students towards a golden future.


Deepika Sharma